Execute of cliques by the mouse in the right frame what to look a large photo in the new window.
     For screens 640x480, the new window is made of small sizes. For a correct map of large photos I recommend: at first, to wait for full loading of a photo, secondly to include, if it is not made however, in automatic adjustment of the INTERNET program of tunings of images under a size of the window... This idea belongs to Igor Akimoff.
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                                                         The photos of a nature of Crimea.
   You are looking an image of low quality, for the best read rate.   You can order on e-mail better copy of a photo of a large size (quality), for home use. Any other conditions we ready to discuss.   Do not overlook to specificer in the letter a name of the file - photo, which interests you.    You can copy files free, under condition of not use and indication of the reference on a source.