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About itself:
  Long time I worked in computer center. Then I trained the students to computer disciplines at university. In a 1998 I have executed additional formation on a speciality sociology. Has executed successfully some public significant projects. Now I work by the adviser, sometimes I train capable children individually. The last years I love to travel with the camera.

  The code of these pages was located by my young schoolboy Alxandr Shevchenko (13 years). As a sample I recommended him to take technology represented Igor Akimoff.

  Those people, who has visited in such unique places as Kinburn Spit, will love this place up to an extremity of life. It is unique on a global scale. In connection with the sharply increased popularity of this national park for tourism and business - the danger of ecological contamination has appeared. I am sure, that the measures Ukraines, accepted by government, within the framework of the official budget are not sufficient for a reliable solution of all problems.

   I adress to ecological and public organizations of Ukraine and all world, movements and consignments &qiot;green&qiot; with the offer on creation of the joint project on a guard of this medium. All interested faces can offer the ideas and/or means for coordination of gains. I support contact to the local population, authorities, I invite the scientific biologists, representatives of organizations, for scientific researches and acceptance of experts' reports.

   As I hope for creation of the authoritative recommendations on methods of preservation of a unique medium for this place. I can help to accompany. Write to me
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